Using mechanical expertise and incomparable product knowledge, PowerX Equipment is renowned for devising effective plant systems that enable the quarrying and aggregate recycling & handling Industries. Adept at finding solutions to meet clients’ criteria, no matter how challenging, PowerX provides the right equipment for the right application.


PowerX Equipment’s Recycling offering can maximise your potential, grow your business and increase your profitability, regardless of project size or complexity.


Screening is the separating of aggregates that can be used in construction projects or washed to add value to the material (see our ‘Washing’ Market Sector for more details).


PowerX Equipment supplies specialist processing equipment to create high grade silica sand from thin layers of soil and overburden.


Wharfs are found by the sea and large rivers. The Sand and Gravel that is processed at these Wharfs has been dredged from the sea and in some cases the rivers. Although the material is generally clay free it needs washing to remove the Chloride, which will react if used in Concrete.

Lignite Removal

Lignite is a soft brown fuel with characteristics that put it somewhere between coal and peat. It contains more moisture than coal but, when dried, it crumbles easily.

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