New Filter Press Installation

PowerX Equipment has recently completed an installation of a Matec Filter Press at NRS Woodcote Wood site in Telford.

NRS Woodcote Wood is an established quarry and has been operating since late 2018. They were seeking a solution to their growing silt management as their current lagoon was at a stage of continued management which had a great impact on resources. They turned to PowerX Equipment for a solution.

The project was to deliver, install and commission a new 2000mm x 2000mm Matec Filter Press with 220 plates with a surface capacity of 1658m3. Primarily, pumped material is natural sand and fine crushed gravel transferred from the MS water treatment plant with 12% silt contents. The press cycle is highly efficient, from filled plates to release is only 60 minutes.

The feeding pump injects the slurry into the filter press from the feeding head. The chambers created by the plates are filled up with the slurry, the cloth (specifically developed for each material) and the high pressure dry the cakes, faster and better.

The clean water is discharged into drainage gutters, ready to be reused, and the dry cakes can be used in the construction industry, thus reducing waste and the impact on the environment.

Mark Ketcher, NRS Managing Director said, “We have worked with PowerX Equipment on a number of equipment installations so they were the natural choice of supplier to help us improve efficiency and reduce our waste. The Matec Filter Press is a perfect solution, which reduces our water consumption and waste by filtering and re-using the water, as well as transforming our silt waste into usable dry cakes, making Woodcote Wood a truly sustainable site.”