PowerX Equipment Joins MP Connect Scheme

PowerX Equipment has recently joined the mp Connect smartcard and app scheme. The scheme is gradually being rolled out nationally and has been established by Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC) in collaboration with the Mineral Products Association.

Once the mp connect card is scanned, the system records arrival on site and checks credentials required for the site are met. The appropriate records are then displayed to the site staff to confirm driver identity. This helps streamline operations and reduces the time spent waiting on participating sites and has the added benefit of providing real-time information on site updates, such as safety alerts or closures.

Matt Dare, Business & Compliance Manager, explains. “Currently our team need to carry multiple cards to verify their credentials to work on site. mp connect allows access to an individual’s record of achievement in the form of a single wallet-sized card. When the mp connect card is placed on a reader, it will display an individual’s record of training to site staff. As well as showing general information about the individual’s level of competence, it will provide site specific information, such as a record of site induction.

“We were eager to join the scheme as it is industry-recognised and more relatable to our daily activities, engaging more within our industry.”

As well as checking credentials, the app can notify an individual when their certifications are due for renewal in plenty of time before expiry. This information is also available on the online portal which helps the HR department plan and schedule training to avoid any gaps in their team’s training records.

Matt concludes, “We are really excited to be part of this new scheme as we feel it not only benefits us with its information and streamlining but it also helps our customers quickly verify our team for site entry, reducing downtime and offering additional assurances of our relevant compliance and competency. It also enables us to develop the team through a CPD scheme and gives us access regular developments from MPQC/Mineral Product Association.”