Revolutionizing Quarrying: PowerX Equipment’s Advanced Wash Plant at Linhay Hill Quarry

PowerX Equipment has made significant strides with their latest project at Linhay Hill Quarry, detailed in a recent article in “Quarrying News.” Located in Devon near Newton Abbot, Linhay Hill Quarry, owned by Glendinning, is a major supplier of quarry and concrete products in Devon and Cornwall. Founded in 1958, Glendinning remains a family business, employing over 200 staff and operating multiple sites.

This new plant, commissioned in September 2023, is geared towards producing concrete sand and clean aggregates of 6/10/14/20mm. The new setup enhances efficiency by utilizing all materials extracted from the quarry, including those previously considered waste. The innovative design incorporates adaptable hydro-cyclones to recover maximum fines passing 63μm, crucial for maintaining the fine element in concrete sand.

Key features of the sand plant include twin rubber-lined cyclones fed by a single 200/150 pump, offering flexibility in tuning the end product to customer requirements. The system’s overflow is minimal, with losses directed to a lagoon and underflow deposited onto a dewatering screen. The scrubbed aggregate exits via a 2.4m x 1.2m dewatering screen, reclaiming liberated fines through a transfer conveyor to a sizing screen. This process results in clean aggregates with reduced reliance on imported sand, lowering the carbon footprint.

The plant boasts heavy-duty galvanized steel support structures, conveyors with galvanized lattice frame construction, and galvanized walkways. The entire build and commissioning were executed by PowerX engineers, ensuring high standards and optimal performance.

Ian Hanniford, Control Systems & Project Engineer, expressed his satisfaction, “We are very pleased with the new plant. The product is excellent and meets the required specifications. The build and commissioning of the plant were completed by PowerX engineers, who were committed to the highest standards.”

For those interested in cutting-edge quarrying technology and sustainable practices, this article is a must-read. Dive into the full details of PowerX Equipment’s innovative solutions at Linhay Hill Quarry and see how they are setting new standards in the industry. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive coverage of a groundbreaking project!

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